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New? Try our #1 eyelash enhancing serum, FREE!

5 Tips for Naturally Longer Lashes

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5 Tips for Naturally Longer Lashes


Your eyelashes are one of the most important beauty assets to say the least. They also keep your eyes safe from sand, dust, and other debris. Lash loss can occur due to several reasons, like hormonal imbalance, bad beauty hygiene, age, stress, or a certain medical condition to name a few.

Many people get eyelash extensions, which can actually end up worsening the condition of their lashes. This is because the glue that’s used in order to attach these fake lashes consists of chemicals, which can be harmful to the skin causing the eyelashes to fall out.

However, you can naturally grow your lashes using simple methods that are not only beneficial for your eyelash health but are also free of any harmful chemicals! Here are 5 things you can do to grow your lashes the natural way.


1. Allow Your Eyelashes To Rest

    In order to enhance the look of their lashes, a lot of people use products like mascaras and eyelash curlers. Even though these products do temporarily provide you the look that you want, too much of them can actually do more harm than good. For instance, applying too many coats of mascara will make it hard for your lashes to breathe, which eventually leads to making them brittle. Not to mention, when you remove mascara, you might end up plucking out a lash or two…ouch…

    Eyelash curlers eventually end up damaging the structure of your lashes. That’s why it’s important to allow your eyelashes to rest and breathe every now and then.


    2. Use Different Growth Oils

      You can use different growth oils to accelerate eyelash growth. Coconut oil works on damaged and thinning lashes and helps in their regrowth. This oil has a penetrating effect on the hair that helps in preventing the loss of essential hair proteins. You can use a cotton swab and dip it in some coconut oil. Next, you apply it on your eyelashes and leave it on there for the whole night. Rinse it off once when you wake up in the morning.

      Olive oil is another oil you can use to condition and help eyelash growth. It contains oleuropein, which is a compound that’s known to increase the hair growth. You can use cotton swaps and apply this oil to the upper and lower eyelashes. Allow the lashes to soak the oil in for five to ten minutes, and after that rinse it off using lukewarm water. Also, be careful when you use these oils and don’t let them get into the eyes.


      3. Green Tea

        Green tea is not only healthy for the body, it also contains antioxidants that help with hair growth. All you have to do is add one teaspoon of the green tea leaves into a cup containing hot water. Steep the tea for approximately five to ten minutes. Next, strain the prepared liquid and allow it to cool. Then use a cotton swab and apply it on your eyelashes!


        4. Massage Your Eyelids & Lashes

          Head massages are known to promote hair growth; hence same thing can happen for your lashes. Massaging your eyelids will strengthen your lashes and promote their growth. You can use a few drops of the oils mentioned above on your fingertips and massage your lashes gently using circular motions for about five to seven minutes. Massaging them will promote blood circulation; hence a better supply of nutrients. Do this every day and soon enough you will notice a difference.


          5. Use An Eyelash Growth Serum

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