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Affiliate Policy

Our Affiliate Program includes many benefits. It also includes a few responsibilities that an affiliate must complete in order to remain part of the program and receive its benefits. Scroll down to read about our program rules.


  • Earning a beginner 16% commission.
  • Ability to increase commission as your sales increase.
  • Get payment bonuses after getting many sales.
  • Receiving a renewable 30% OFF coupon for oneself.
  • Receiving monthly awards, coupons, or free gifts.
  • Early access to any new products.
  • Getting featured on our instagram page.
  • Being able to recommend new products.
  • Instant communication with management.


  • You must take pictures/videos with our products and send them to us.
  • You must send us your instagram name and allow us to tag you.
  • You must post pictures/videos with our products and tag us.
  • You must put your affiliate link in your bio.
  • You must publicly share your coupon code with your followers.
  • You can not speak negatively about the brand.
  • You must defend the brand against negative rumors/publicity.
  • You are advised to direct message any potential customers you know.
  • You must like and comment on our recent posts on Instagram.

Minor Affiliate Program

If an affiliate does not want to post pictures with our products, they must take pictures/videos with our products and directly send them to us so we can post them on our accounts and tag the sender. This type of affiliate will receive a discount coupon and link that will give them the same commission as other affiliates. However, they will only receive one award or gift and they will receive a one time only 30% OFF coupon.

Grand Affiliate Program 

The grand affiliate will receive all the benefits stated in the benefit list above. They will get a renewable 30% OFF coupon after referring three customers through their discount code or link and will receive monthly rewards based on how many sales they brought in. They will also be able to request an increase to their commission percentage if they bring many monthly sales. The grand affiliate must post pictures/videos on their instagram and tag us. They must also share their affiliate link on their Instagram. 

Monthly Awards

Monthly awards are only given to affiliates who bring in sales throughout the month. In order to qualify for a monthly award, an affiliate must refer at least one customer through their discount code. The more customers an affiliate brings, the larger the awards will be.

Not Effective

We understand that people can get busy or go through hard times, so we do not expect an affiliate to bring sales every month. If an affiliate does not bring any sales, they will not be kicked out of the program. However, they will not receive any awards for any months that they bring in zero customers. We do this to be fair. We award affiliates based on how much value they bring to the brand and how hard they work.

Rule Breaking

Breaking our rules, going against our code of conduct, or representing our brand negatively will cause an affiliate to be permanently banned from our program. Furthermore, the affiliate will no longer be able to receive any exclusive discounts, awards, or commision from any sales they bring. We are here to spread positivity and we DO NOT tolerate any negativity, prejudice, or discrimination. If we have personally contacted you and offered you a free product or a modified plan, the same rules and responsibilities, as mentioned in this policy, will apply to you. Breaking these rules will result in a dispute and potential legal interaction.