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New? Try our #1 eyelash enhancing serum, FREE!

Eyelash Growth Serum Vs. Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash Growth Serum Vs. Eyelash Extensions


Who doesn’t want longer lashes? No one!

Long eyelashes look super cute on everybody but unfortunately, not everyone has them. But that’s not an issue considering there have been so many additions in the cosmetic industry that can solve all your problems!

Now the issue is to choose between an eyelash serum and eyelash extensions to get those gorgeous long lashes. Well, there are pros and cons for both.

Even though eyelash extensions are a good option if you have an urgent event to go to and you just need those long lashes, they can be super expensive. Serums take time to show their effects but are cost effective in the long run!

What to do??

Let’s just go through the pros and cons of both to reach a decision!


Lash extensions

There are many types of lash extensions. They can be semi-permanent or falsies. Semi permanent lashes last 3-6 weeks whereas the falsies are an overnight solution. You wear them for an event and take them off after it ends.

We will be focusing more on semi-permanent extensions.


Advantages of lash extensions

The biggest advantage is obviously that it is fast and easy. You don’t need a lot of patience if you go for a lash extension treatment as the results will show immediately. It’s a one or two hour treatment where a technician applies the extensions on your lashes. All you have to do is relax and you’ll wake up with those cute, long lashes.

Another advantage is that lash extensions last for weeks which is great if there’s a big event heading your way! In some treatments, super powerful glue is also used while applying the extensions. This can make the lashes last longer and up to 2 months!

Also, with these lash extensions you won’t even need any mascara! This is totally great because you won’t have to put up with the dried mascara look! It’s even good if you like to go with minimum makeup to places or have a job where you can’t wear too much make up.


Disadvantages of lash extensions

There are disadvantages as well, of course. The first one is obviously the price. If you want to go to an expert studio and want to go for the lashes that last the longest, it might cost you a lot. Also, after you’ve gotten the treatment done, you might want to keep it. This means, you’ll have to go back for fillings, which is again very expensive!

Another disadvantage is that while taking off your extensions, you might end up plucking your real ones as well. This is because the extensions are glued using powerful glues. Not only will this make your lash fall quicker, the plucking can also be painful.

You may even end up with some bald spots on your lashes if you pluck one too many from just one eye.

The biggest disadvantage has to be a risk of infection. Lash extensions come with a possible side effect which is either an infection or lash loss permanently. So if you get the lash extensions done, make sure you keep them clean all the time! Also make sure that you get out any lash fall caused by the extension as that can cause an infection. Be careful with how often you get your lashes done as too many frequent sittings can cause a permanent lash loss.

Now let’s talk about the serums.


Eyelash growth serums

Recently, the market for eyelash growth serums has been expanding a lot! This is because of all the benefits that it has. These serums are basically what you apply on your lashes to accelerate their growth. However, they too have some advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of lash serums

The first advantage of these serums is that they are way more cost effective as compared to lash extensions. If you’re getting a normal eyelash serum, it’ll be very affordable. However, if it’s a medically prescribed one, it may cost a little more.

The bigger advantage is that it’s worth the money as it accelerates the natural growth of your lashes. Since the lash growth is 100% natural, you don’t have to worry about what you’ll look like with lash fall outs or bald spots as whatever changes you notice are completely natural and real.

You do need to focus on the ingredients of the serum. If you’re getting one with botanical extracts or Biotin, the effects will be more visible and natural. Try to avoid chemical based serums as much as you can as some of the chemicals can be harmful and have adverse effects on your lash growth.


Disadvantages of lash serums

The growth period is the first disadvantage. For good effects, you will have to apply the serum daily as the results won’t be immediate. It might take a few weeks before the results start showing but be patient as the wait is totally worth it!

If you have an issue with remembering to apply it, you can simply put an alarm or a reminder on your phone so you can follow this step every day.

The other disadvantage is regarding the prescription serums. Those serums have bimatoprost in them which can change the color of your eyes. If you avoid the prescription serums, you’ll be safe from such side effects.



Well, going through the pros and cons, I have to say that lash extensions are much more expensive and riskier. However, they have immediate results. Serums take time but are more natural, have lesser side effects and are also affordable. So, go for whichever you want and enjoy those long lashes!