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New? Try our #1 eyelash enhancing serum, FREE!

5 Eyelash Myths To Avoid

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5 Eyelash Myths To Avoid


The internet is filled with a crazy amount information, but some of it is…well… CRAZY. We’ve summed up a list of eyelash related myths that have been going on for a very long time. We’ll explain how these myths should be avoided since there’s no solid proof of them being accurate.

MYTH 1 | Cutting your lashes will increase their length:

Not only is this a myth but it also goes without saying that putting anything sharp close to your lashes and eyelids is super dangerous. Trimming your eyelashes literally wouldn’t do anything besides make them shorter... Even though it is said that trimming your hair plays a huge role in boosting hair growth, this definitely isn’t the case for eyelash hair. You see, this myth doesn’t work since every hair on our body has a different growth cycle that can’t be altered just by trimming it.

MYTH 2 | Use oils to grow your lashes:

This myth has a separate fan-base since many influencers and bloggers have encouraged their audience to pick up that ‘miracle oil’ and flourish those lashes. It’s believed that castor oil aids in growing your lashes. This is another misconception without any evidence. This golden and magical oil can’t help your lashes to grow longer. But it can help condition your lashes.

MYTH 3 | Applying Vaseline will boost up the length of your lashes:

It’s pretty obvious that Vaseline is an all-rounder product. It can be used as a lip balm, brow gel, moisturizer, first aid and so much more. But, can it be used to grow your lashes? Unfortunately, no.

Even though it can make your lashes look fuller and darker, just like mascara does, it can’t make them longer. The only thing petroleum jelly does is moisturize your lashes, which makes it less likely for them to break off. Consider the Vaseline myth busted!

MYTH 4 | Eyelash serums make your eyelashes worse over time:

Whether natural or synthetic, every beauty product has a warning label. This label usually warns us about the damage it can cause in the long run. But this is another illusion which has not been verified yet. The myth that eyelash serums make your eyelashes worse over time comes from the fact that stopping their use only makes your lashes go back to their normal state because each eyelash hair follicle has a lifecycle. To keep those gorgeous results, you need to keep using the lash serum.

MYTH 5 | Regularly brushing your lashes can help to increase its length:

It’s actually healthy to comb your eyelashes. But there’s a fine line between combing and over-combing. This line can either prevent or cause lash breakage. Even one stroke of your brush can determine the destiny of that lash. The idea behind this myth is that brushing your lashes gives them a “lengthy” look. Realistically it doesn’t make your lashes grow longer – although that would be awesome, huh? But seriously, this myth can cause your eyelashes to shed quicker than usual. Consider this myth 100% busted.